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In economic globalization these days, company in Karesidenan Surakarta tends to orient at market compartment. None again maximal advantage pursuer. Searching maximum advantage will result the bonanza in short-range, but bringing instability on a long term. In company activity, budget requirement will earn in telling to represent the really matter require to get the attention, because capital stream represent the primary factor of impeller and activator in its effort to grab the market compartment, utilize to maximize the rights of stockholder through the action financial, especially fund allocation. Bibliography stuoy of performed within this research frame lay open that budget applying can improve the operation function in company management. Hence writer makes the research hypothesis of following: "clarity of budget Target has an effect on to effectiveness of management operation" By using method questioners, from a number of existing population, succeeding collected by counted 60 answer questioners. After conducted by test of validity and reliabilities, and also " t test" to determine there is not it him respond-bias, finally 20 statement from 32 competent responder for the dialysis of furthermore. Considering the lack of questioner raised by concerning problem of someone perception, hence to get the more data of representative, each; every company becoming responder asked by 3 of head people the key, and each filling is same sheet questioner. Totalize the answer given by they deputize the condition of clarity of budget target from pertinent company. While as measuring rod of effectiveness of management operation, taken away from by mean. Suggestion able to be given: Variable as measuring rod for the researcher of next need the existence of variable replacement and in other variable searching deputizing performance of effectiveness operation from management.

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