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Packaging manufacturer
Packaging production is an important stage after a series of activities such as concepting, designing to fit into marketing campaigns ... to create the impression and convey the message of the business about the product to customers. row.
Apart from the main task of packaging to pack and protect products, the current business environment requires high coordination between the packaging manufacturer and parts such as design and marketing to achieve the target. The main goal is to make consumers want to buy products right when they see the product.
Plastic bag
Plastic packaging is a general term for types of packaging made from plastic film. Be it a plastic film such as a plastic bag, or a combination of films to form, the packaging is much stronger than the packaging made from a single material. Also common name is Laminated Bag.
Depending on the products such as garments, electronics, foods, and pharmaceuticals, it is possible to select suitable films to join together.
Specifications on packaging production
Thin film is a material whose thickness does not exceed 0.025mm or 0.001in. If the thickness is greater than 0.025mm, then it is called a sheet.